Printing Data


    Print set up: 9,2 cm x 6,0 cm
    Final format: 8.6 cm x 5.4 cm

    Artwork template:

    Artwork template PDF Artwork template PDF

    Below you will find further information to additional options and artwork creation:



                Personalize any card with individual data, such as name, customer number or winning code, for example.
                Personalization is available in the colors black and white.


    • Please provide an Excel file with the data to be personalized.
    • Per line on the card, one column is needed in the Excel file
    • Formatting: standard or text
    • If you want a special font, we need the desired font style


                Picture Personalization

                Personalize your card with a individuel custom photo


  • The photos must all be in the same format
  • We need the photos separately as single jpg.files
  • Please provide an Excel file with the names of the photos (e.g. photo1.jpg, photos2.jpg., etc.)




            Provide any card with an individual barcode in black.

              Choose from the following barcode types:
              Code 39
              Code 93
              Code 128
              EAN 128
              Code2/5 Interleaved

              More detailed information about the different barcode types is available in following PDF file:

Barcode DetailsBarcode-Detail-Infos 


  • Please provide an Excel file with the barcode data
  • Please note the data requirements for each barcode type
  • Formatting: Standard or Text



            Personalize your cards with a custom QR-Code.
            We also create data matrix codes on request.

  • Please provide an Excel file with the QR-Code data
  • Formatting: Standard or Text




In accordance with international standards, we can only emboss the lower half of a plastic card. In addition, the distance to the edge must be at least 0.5 cm. The embossing can be dyed in the colors gold, silver, black and white. However, this coloring does not have to be performed. Without this step, the original background color of the embossed area remains visible.

When embossing, there are two standard sizes and fonts:
Large font

  • Font size: 13pt (approx. 5mm)
  • Font type: OCR
  • Possible characters: 0-9
  • Maximum number of characters (including spaces): 20

Small font

  • Font size: 9pt (approx. 3mm)
  • Font type: Gothic
  • Possible characters: 0-9, A-Z, &, dot (.), minus sign (-), slash (/)
  • Maximum number of characters (including spaces): 24


Signature panel


        Signature panels are essential if you subsequently want to write something by hand on the card (e.g. customer name, signature…).
        The size of the signature panel can be individually selected.


Scratch panel

        Add a scratch panel to your card, thereby extending the possible uses of the plastic card.

        Example uses: competition, access code, password.

        If printed digitally, the size of the scratch panel can be freely selected. In offset printing, a scratch panel has a standard size of 36 mm x 6 mm.
        In both cases, however, the position can be individually selected.


Punch Hole

We offer a round or long punch hole to attach the card to a lanyard or clip.


Metallic Effect

Your cards have a silver background on both sides and are then printed with the desired layout. Please note that gray tones will only be very faintly visible.

Your cards will have a gold background on both sides and will be printed with the desired layout. Please note that yellow/orange tones will only be very faintly visible.



Finish your business card with a glossy foil in silver or gold.

Transparent cards


Transparent cards can only be printed on one side. The surface is a slightly rough and visually resembles frosted glass.

Transparent plastic cards have a very sensitive surface, which can very easily become scratched. Please be aware of this when making your selection.


Partial UV varnish


Finish your plastic card with a partial varnish in matte or glossy look. The varnish is transparent.
A partial varnish is suitable for highlighting individual areas on the card, such as a logo.



Choose your favorite security feature from three different holograms.


Matt finish

Give your cards an elegant matt finish.
We recommend a matte lamination especially for black, single-color designs.


Possible file formats/extensions: PDF or JPG.

Files from image editing software
We require files created using image editing software such as Photoshop to be in JPG format.

JPG Files

    PDF Files

    PDF files should conform to standardPDF/X-3:2002. Please take note of the following specifications:

      The following applies in addition to the PDF/X-3:2002 standards:

        Data format/trimming/resolution


            Font size
            Avoid font sizes below size 6.

            Set up black color correctly  - Black and grey objects
            Text and lines must always be correctly set up to print in pure black color
            Cyan 0%, Magenta 0%, Yellow 0%, Black 100%.

            Font size: 13 pt (approx. 5 mm)

            Font type: OCR

            Possible characters: 0 – 9

            Maximum number of characters (including spaces): 20

            Font size: 9 pt (approx. 3 mm)

            Font type: Gothic

            Possible characters: 0 – 9, A…Z, &, period (.), minus symbol (-), slash (/)

            Maximum number of characters (including spaces): 28

            Only use the standard JPG format, e.g. not JPG 2000

            Save with maximum quality and base line (Standard)

            Must be PDF version 1.3

            No transparency

            No colored sample cells / tile patterns

            No comments or form fields

            No encryption (e.g. password protection)

            No OPI comments

            No transfer curves

            Configure an output intent profile.

            All fonts must be converted to paths

            No layers

            • Please set up the format of print data as described for each product on its respective specification sheet.

            • Resolution: 300dpi

            Color mode: CMYK

            Maximum color density: 300 %

            Minimum color density:
            If the ink coverage is below 10%, the color printed will appear very weak.