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If you are looking for a way to provide your customers with a simple and effective means of identification, then RFID cards are ideal. The term is English, and stands for "radio frequency identification".

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A chip which can store information is embedded in RFID cards. These types of cards are therefore primarily used as keys in hotels, but are also frequently used for time recording in companies, and as a form of identification in libraries and canteens.

Our range includes both EM4100 and Mifare RFID cards, and as well as many additional design options we also offer free delivery within Germany. Whether you require just one of these versatile cards, or want to order a larger quantity via our on-line shop, we will always deliver the highest quality products on time.

  • An overview of the benefits
    • Numerous design options
    • Optional personalization
    • Low prices, even for single items
    • Rapid delivery within 48 hours

Visit our on-line shop and design your RFID cards according to your requirements. We will be happy to provide detailed advice about our services and design options, and will help you find the ideal cards for your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.